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ॐ नमः शिवाय - Aum Namah Sivaaya - A Community of Sivaites and interested others

ॐ नमः शिवाय
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Если Вы объявляете на русском языке (который много людей, кажется, делают сегодня), это была бы хорошая идея, чтобы сделать машинный перевод (если ничто иное) на английский язык, в пользу людей, которые не говорят на русском языке.

If you speak in Russian (which many people in this community, apparently, do these days), it would be the good idea to make a machine translation (if nothing else) into the English language, for the benefit of people who do not speak Russian.

Вы можете сделать таким образом здесь:
You can do so here:



this is an open community, with the following rule:

ads for other communities or other web sites, especially commercial web sites not specifically related to sivaism, encouragement to donate money, secular poetry and artwork, and random blurbs that belong in somebody's blog, but not in a community about sivaism will be deleted without warning the first time, the second time, your warning will include a direction to read this page, and the third time you will be banned from the community. saying that you didn't know is no excuse.

this is in order to make this more of a place for sivaites to communicate about sivaism. we don't wish to prevent newcomers, and people who are interested from asking questions or making observations that are related to sivaism, what we're trying to avoid is people posting frivolous stuff that is off topic. we don't wish to say what you can or cannot post, just that you probably should not post it here unless it has something to do with siva or sivaism. introductions, questions, holiday greetings and so forth are acceptable.

if something gets deleted which you feel really should be here, please write przxqgl at livejournal dot com and we'll discuss it.

Encyclopaedia article about Siva
Encyclopaedia article about Virasiva

अथ शिवपञ्चाक्षरस्तोत्रम्

नागेन्द्रहाराय त्रिलोचनाय भस्माङ्गरागाय महेश्वराय ।
नित्याय शुद्धाय दिगम्बराय तस्मै नकाराय नमः शिवाय ॥ १ ॥

मंदाकिनीसिललचन्दनचिर्चताय नन्दीश्वरप्रमथनाथ महेश्वराय ।
मण्दारपुष्पबहुपुष्पसुपूजिताय तस्मै मकाराय नमः शिवाय ॥ २ ॥

शिवाय गौरीवदनाब्जवृन्दसूर्याय दक्षाध्वरनाशकाय ।
श्रीनीलकण्ठाय बृषध्वजाय तस्मै शिकाराय नमः शिवाय ॥ ३ ॥

विसष्ठकुम्भोद्भवगौतमार्यमुनीन्द्रदेवार्चितशेखराय ।
चन्द्रार्कवैश्वानरलोचनाय तस्मै वकाराय नमः शिवाय ॥ ४ ॥

यक्षस्वरूपाय जटाधराय पिनाकहस्ताय सनातनाय ।
दिव्याय देवाय दिगम्बराय तस्मै यकाराय नमः शिवाय ॥ ५ ॥

पञ्चाक्षरिमदं पुण्यं यः पठेच्छिवसिन्नधौ ।
शिवलोकमवाप्नोति शिवेन सह मोदते ॥ ६ ॥

Shiva Panchakshara Stotra Mantra

Stotra 1:
Nagendra Haaraaya Thrilochanaaya
Bhasmaanga Raagaaya Maheshvaraay
Nityaaya Suddhaaya Digambaraaya
Tasmai Nakaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Mahesvara - who has a garland of serpents around the neck; who has three eyes; whose body is covered with ash (vibhuti); who is eternal; who is pure; who has the entire sky as His dress and who is embodies as the first letter Na.

Stotra 2:
Mandaakini Salila Chandana Chaarthitaaya
Nandeesvara Pramatha Naatha Mahesvaraaya
Mandaara Pushpa Vahu Pushpa Supoojitaaya
Tasmai Makaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I bow to Lord Mahesvara, who is embodied as Makaara (letter Ma), whose body is anointed with holy waters from the river Ganges and sandal paste, who is the sovereign king of the Pramatha Ganas and who is adorned with innumerable divine flowers such as Mandaara.

Stotra 3:
Shivaaya Gauri Vadana Aravinda
Sooryaaya Dakshaadhvara Naashakaaya
Sree Neelakantaaya Vrisha Dhvajaaya
Tasmai Shikaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I offer my salutations to Lord Shiva, who is the resplendent sun for mother Gauri`s lotus face, who is the destroyer of Daksha`s sacrificial ritual, who is the blue necked Lord (due to the Haalahala poison which He agreed to consume), whose banner bears the emblem of a bull and who is embodied as the letter Shi.

Stotra 4:
Vasishta Kumbhodbhava Gautamaaya
Muneendra Devaarchita Sekharaaya
Chandraarka Vaishvaanara Lochanaaya
Tasmai Vakaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I prostrate before the God of Gods, who is worshipped and prayed to by great sages such as Vashishta, Agastya and Gautama, whose eyes are sun, moon and the fire and who is embodied as Vakaara (letter Va).

Stotra 5:
Yajna Swaroopaaya Jataadharaaya
Pinaaka Hasthaaya Sanaatanaaya
Divyaaya Devaaya Digambaraaya
Tasmai Yakaraaya Namah Shivaaya

Prostrartions to the sacred Lord who is the Yaksa incarnate, whose hairs are long and matted, who holds Pinaaka (trident) in His hand, who has the entire sky as His attire and who is embodied as the letter Ya.

Stotra 6:
Panchaaksharam Idam Punyam
Yah Pateh Shiva Sannidhau
Shivaloka Mavaapnothee
Shivena Saha Modate

Whoever repeats this prayer composed with the five holy letters before Lord Shiva, attains that supreme abode of His and enjoys the eternal Bliss.